Where Does The Light Begin? poetic essay and exhibition text by Felicia E. Gail


Patryk StasieczekBurn Out, 2016, front of limited run poster for solo exhibition at Will Aballe Art Projects, Vancouver, BC 

Responses, An Anthology of Exhibition Texts, 2018 features "Where Does The Light Begin" 

Exhibition text: Wil Aballe Art Projects begins 2016 with the much anticipated, Burn Out, a solo exhibition by Vancouver-based visual artist Patryk Stasieczek. Bordered by electric grid, his installations of photographic light are paintings in the moment, photographs without a camera, an aim of light that bears witness to experience. Inside the the gallery walls, photograms exact a dispersal of gestures that bounce chromatic adaptation into an installation of industrialized forms, an atmospheric array of colour. Stasieczek convinces idea into a cross light of order, arranging ready-made objects that simulate as solid frame for alchemic events. The image becomes from inside a dark room, but prefers to live within the filter of light as threshold that engages the sharpness of experience.

Through ballast, florescent bulb, electricity, and photogram these works exist amid histories of privilege, light as installation, photoconceptualism, optics, and minimalist painting. Stasieczek’s revisionist approach reexamines a context within modes of production used in professional labs, this approach becomes a conceptual toolkit for this systematic, yet subversive technician. The ink from inkjet printers are outside their confines, reimagined as photogram, lifted onto canvas despite their own fleeting deprecation. Burn Out stares back at photography’s insistence upon tradition, while offering a ring to stand inside its ever-transforming existence.

Wil Aballe Art Projects

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