dear traveler,

we used to talk about time travel. paratactic coordination, arranged as equal to. tarps are aural arousal, an utterance through movement. altered, breaking down. they wear, they wrinkle, a grid, a pixel, their temporary fix. earth, a form.

invitation to travel back to blue, wrestling the immemorial. subverting suppositions into proposals. lean-tos and sites, horizonal freedoms, not for free. image as image, from image, for image.

photograph as time, a resistance into frame. normative structures to be forsaken, not to be ignored. stand and walk away, returning as closed eyes investigate. listening, waiting, simultaneous, gravity projected. back, floating in space.


felicia e. gail

industrial landscape III, 2009, untitled, 2015.
Digital inkjet print, frame, blue ratcheting strap, moveable gallery wall.

East Wall

dear traveler

Gallery sign, digital inkjet print on cotton paper, mounted on mighty-core.


tarp wall, earth, and mound I

Site-specific installation.



industrial landscape III, 2009, untitled, 2015.

Digital inkjet print, frame, blue ratcheting strap, moveable gallery wall.


blue cenotaph

Repurposed beams and painted pallet porch, repurposed tarps (2011-current), found umbrella frame-antenna (thrown).


III travellers

Sections of used tarp (2015) mounted on aluminum sheet.


Varied Edition 1 of 3.

South Wall

tarp wall, earth, and mound II

Site-specific installation.



blue tarp wall

Repurposed wood beams, new blue tarp (2015), repurposed white tarp (2015), orange roofing nails, black screen mesh, repurposed film canisters, repurposed blue tarp (2015).


West Wall

lean into it

Three bailey metal studs (platinum)


Edition of 3.

tools for a peninsula I

Site-specific installation. Blue cord, stained fir strips.


West Wall Continued

floating in space, traveler in view

Glossy digital light-jet prints mounted on sintra, stained fir structure, repurposed plexi globes, mixed steel (nuts, bolts, washers, screws).

17.64” x 17.64” x 5” each


tools for a peninsula II

Site-specific installation. Tan/red rope, 100+ year old spool, red tape, stained fir strips


Gallery Centre

but a night without moon or star (projectile interior)

Site-specific installation. Repurposed wooden ladder, dust, red cotton tie, red synthetic rope, copy of The New Dictionary of Thoughts: A cyclopedia of quotations from the best authors of the world, both ancient and modern, alphabetically arranged by subjects, ed.1961



North Wall

bearing to a point

115glossy chromogenic prints.

4” x 5.33” each


Varied Edition 1 of 5

travel back to blue

Felicia E. Gail

October 23 - December 5, 2015

Felicia E. Gail returns to Gallery 295 with a major solo exhibition, travel back to blue. She explores her continued investigation of paratactic objects and personhood through photographic installation. Gail imbues the architectural form of 295 into a site of immersive display, where her key materials, Tarps, take on a transformative quality and lead one through a rich dispersal of use recorded as-photograph within the tarps themselves. Here the relationships between what is presented are aroused by her intersubjective connections with these materials, which are explored as photographic stand-ins as a function of personhood – translated into poetics through form. Parallel to her as-photograph tarps is the spatial construction of support structures as-landscape. These supports intersect the whole of the gallery with deliberate spaces for intimacy.

Together these materials and temporary structures, in tandem with photographic images and used-up film canisters, articulate Gail’s own horizon as a frame through which her subjective poetics takes place. This immersive horizon of objects invokes and obscures what is understood as seen and experienced. In travel back to blue Gail implements a kind of autopoiesis – a system where the installation is itself a generative production and result of a history located in the roots of South-Eastern Americana, loss, desire, and the complex journey to the Pacific North West. The as-photograph pieces within the as-landscape installation serve as a kind of time-travel into Gail’s original purposing of these items through their repurposed forms emphasizing their socio-political connotations. As a whole these materials bring the poetics of Felicia E. Gail’s expanded photographic practice into the foreground and immediately transports her poetics into the backgrounded horizon of personal interpretation and projected meaning, which for Gail results as a function of time-travel. travel back to blue is an invitation to experience.

Exhibition text by Patryk Stasieczek.

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