Felicia E. Gail is an interdisciplinary artist from the Southeastern United States. Her practice takes up writing, photography, installation, performance, sculpture, archives, teaching, and curation. She investigates the intersections between memorialized events and place often reframing ideas of residencies as artistic practice incorporating elements of lived materials, transportation, and feminism through a Southern Gothic-Imagist lens. Her work has been shown and read in the United States and Canada most notably with Wil Aballe Art Projects in 2016, Gallery 295 in 2015, 221A Artist Run Centre’s semi-public outdoor exhibition space, at the David Wisdom’s Summer Slideshow series at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada and in Zebulon, Georgia for the SlowExposures photography festival in 2022. She contributed to the Beyond These Words Writing Series with Jamey Jones, Mike Racine, Philip Good, and Bernadette Mayer in the early 2000s, and Writing off the Walls with Barbara Henning and Lewis Warsh in 2016. Gail has published photographs and writing in Photographer: Documenting Life As A Woman as part of the Minneapolis Photo Centre in 2010, Hurricane Review in 2017, 2020, 2023, Responses: An Anthology of Exhibition Texts in 2018, and Reverberations with Noelle McCleaf in 2022. Her evolving projects are Close Your Eyes Investigations of Space, 2009 - present, and Travel Back to Blue, 2011 - present, an ongoing collection of written and ephemeral works that took new shape in 2016 during a semi-solo motorcycle journey from the Pacific Northwest of Canada to West Texas, USA. Felicia was Curator of Exhibitions for the Pensacola Museum Of Art, University of West Florida Historic Trust in Pensacola, Florida from 2017 - 2019 and Senior Registrar & Inventory Manager for Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, GA from 2019 - 2023. She is currently on 309 Punk Project Advisory Committee, Pensacola, FL and was the May 2023 Artist in Residence. She most recently was guest Curator and juror at Georgia State University for ExLucis Photography Club, "For the Sake of the Matter" May 25-Aug 25 at Ernest G. Welch Gallery in Atlanta. Felicia lives in Atlanta, GA where she is an Interdisciplinary Artist, Writer, Curator and works in Collections Stewardship.


To be with and in service and stewardship of art, sharing my knowledge and experience with integrity, excellence, and exuberance. Art is important for our lives, and our collective histories. I enjoy working with archives, making work with poetry, photography, sculpture, and concept. Curating and Teaching are inherent forms of collaboration and are deeply informed by the objects that surround us. I believe art can change our perspectives for unknown, yet hopeful futures. On my journey, I have learned that it is all about the connections we make with others and how we choose to let those connections inform our lives. Art is a conduit for communication, connection, and change. 

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